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Вчера получил письмо от Serious Cash, но почему то забыл опубликовать! Так что буду постить письмо полностью, выводы делайте сами!

P.S. как хорошо что я так и не стал с ними работат!

Dear Affiliate,

On November 7 we received refunds and rebills from WTS check payment processor. As you know, those were not coming to NATS for a long period of time (about a year) and now this problem is finally fixed.

On November 8 we got reversals from Netcash. Netcash lost its merchant account in September, so all their transactions for a period of around 2 weeks remained unsettled and members’ credit cards were not charged, although the transactions displayed in NATS as successful. Netcash wasn’t able to process those transactions via a new merchant account, so the only thing they could do for us was send a post back with reversals of those transactions. Despite the fact that the bank didn’t pay Netcash for those unsettled transactions and Netcash didn’t pay us we kept paying our affiliates as usual waiting for the situation to clear. Now Netcash has a new merchant account and works smoothly, but we will no longer use it for processing. All rebills through Netcash will keep being processed until canceled and you’ll be fully credited for those rebills.

The good news is that we are soon adding a new reliable billing to the cascade of Epoch and Segpay to ensure better sales for you.

We are also adding Paxum as a payment method. Payments to Paxum will be free of charge.

Thank you for being our partners!

Serious Cash Team

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